Finer Face Non-Surgical Face-Lifts
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Safe and painless The Finer Face Micro-current Non Surgical Face Lifting Unit uses a totally safe and painless low-level electrical impulses to "re-program" the muscles  back into shape.  This in turn supports the facial skin giving you immediate  results after just one treatment.  The facial contours are uplifted and toned and the complexion is left glowing as the micro-current gently stimulates the circulation.  "The body, is a machine which runs by electrical signals from our heartbeat and your thoughts and the Finer Face micro-current actually mimics our body's own electrical system. Even the tone of your skin and muscles is related to your body's electrical system. The skins ability to maintain its tone and elasticity is controlled by chemical reactions within and between the cells of the skin. These reactions are triggered by electrical impulses.
Non-Invasive As the body ages, the skin loses its elasticity and suppleness. As the facial muscles are attached directly to the skin the underlying muscles begin to lose their tone which results in loose sagging skin.  This treatment is totally non-invasive and in 90% of cases the client will fall asleep whilst they are receiving the Finer Face micro-current treatment.   Finer Face revitalises the natural regenerative processes of the facial and neck tissues, minimizes large pores, and increases peripheral blood circulation to the area, noticeably improving color and complexion, thereby creating a more rested and youthful appearance.  Guaranteed results You are guaranteed to see a visible difference after just one session. Finer Face  smooths out
fine lines and wrinkles and produces a radiance and skin tone which goes on improving for at least 24 hours. This is a proven fact the micro-current works in harmony with the body's own electrical system giving you the ultimate result every single time. The difference between the Finer Face micro- current and other systems is its variable interferential cross current, special designed wave shapes and the dual tipped probes. These wave shapes are varied to penetrate different levels of the skins tissue. The low current stimulates the body's own tiny currents and also avoids any unpleasant stinging sensations.   Finer Face. Totally Natural Non-Surgical Face Lifts. Call Jen today for a free 30 minute demonstration  (250) 483-4720
Finer Face micro-current is the best alternative to invasive procedures.  The natural way of looking younger for longer
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